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Here at “The Alternate Reality” we indulge in a weekly round table discussion/good natured debate of cool comics, movies, TV and other pop culture related foolishness. Recorded in the heart of beautiful downtown Mount Greenwood at the Alternate Reality Studio Center, “The Alternate Reality” is hosted by our regular contributors of south-sides sages and the occasional guest. We’re coming to you weekly so give us a listen at the player link below, or click here to download.

Nov 19, 2016

When does your perception of an artists work become affected by what is revealed about the artist’s personal life? Does the art stand on it’s own regardless of the artist or is the work colored by what you know about the creators personal life. How much has social media accelerated that process and polarized opinions? Is the accessibility people have to creators today via social media a positive or a negative? Picasso, Bill Cosby, Woody Allen, Ted Nugent and others are discussed as are a variety of comic’s professionals.

This week’s SAD or LUXURIOUS: The movie trailer for the film Logan