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Here at “The Alternate Reality” we indulge in a weekly round table discussion/good natured debate of cool comics, movies, TV and other pop culture related foolishness. Recorded in the heart of beautiful downtown Mount Greenwood at the Alternate Reality Studio Center, “The Alternate Reality” is hosted by our regular contributors of south-sides sages and the occasional guest. We’re coming to you weekly so give us a listen at the player link below, or click here to download.

Feb 29, 2016

Guest: Bocepheus (aka: Larry Evans)

What is a kids comic? How is the industry serving the kids demographic? What in the world would is Bocepheus doing here? These questions and more we don’t really answer (except the Bocepheus one) but we do give it a good shot and come up with a couple of ideas. Comic shops need to be more welcoming to kids while publishers need to get more in touch with their younger audience. The differences between Marvels standard universe and their Kids universe are discussed with an eye to when kids can (or can’t) graduate from one to the other. DC’s all ages line is discussed while considering the ghettoizing of kids comics with licensed properties. The ways in which the corporate mentality can be out of touch with their approaches to a kids audiences is examined. The benefits and problems in writing material aimed simultaneously at two levels and the importance of readability in kids comics and is all covered.

Also discussed during the course of this episode: Pixar vs Dreamworks an updating of the classic Disney vs Warner’s cartoons. How Scholastic can make kids comic’s works. The trouble with Batgirl & Warner Communications. Boom and IDW kids lines of comics. The tween market, Mike Allred, Squirrel Girl, Mark Millar, violent content vs sexual content and….. the Negative Zone!

This week SAD or LUXURIOUS takes the week off!