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Here at “The Alternate Reality” we indulge in a weekly round table discussion/good natured debate of cool comics, movies, TV and other pop culture related foolishness. Recorded in the heart of beautiful downtown Mount Greenwood at the Alternate Reality Studio Center, “The Alternate Reality” is hosted by our regular contributors of south-sides sages and the occasional guest. We’re coming to you weekly so give us a listen at the player link below, or click here to download.

Jul 23, 2018

Episode 80: In Memoriam-Ditko, Ellison & Vader
Subtitle: Discussion of  Steve Ditko, Harlan Ellison, and Leon White aka Vader

Tags: podcast,humor,discussion,harlan ellison,vader,steve ditko,outer limits,star trek,spider-man,doctor strange,bocepheus,rod flash,good old jr,comicbookman,alternate reality

The Terrific Trio of Comicbookman, Bocepheus, and Rod Flash memorialize three recent deaths, one in each of the three worlds of wrestling, movies, and comics. For the entire hour, they memorialize Comic book artist/writer Steve Ditko, science fiction and television writer Harlan Ellison, and former WWE wrestler Leon White aka Vader.
Episode Runtime: 59.47