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Here at “The Alternate Reality” we indulge in a weekly round table discussion/good natured debate of cool comics, movies, TV and other pop culture related foolishness. Recorded in the heart of beautiful downtown Mount Greenwood at the Alternate Reality Studio Center, “The Alternate Reality” is hosted by our regular contributors of south-sides sages and the occasional guest. We’re coming to you weekly so give us a listen at the player link below, or click here to download.

Nov 8, 2016

They did it, they went and broke the podcast! The Fresh Foursome return to “The Alternate Reality” with no topic, no agenda, no plan and no decent ideas to spin a fresh (there’s that word again) show into. What to do for an hour? Why a whole episode of “Sad or Luxurious” what else. We promised you last week that we’d make up for skipping last weeks “S/L” bookend for Episode 27 and here it is…WHAT A REALLY GREAT IDEA!